cPanel Pricing Changes – January 2023

cPanel Price Updates in 2023

Following their strategy from last year, cPanel has announced another price increase for their licenses. These changes affect all partners, distributors, customers etc., to view cPanel’s standardized pricing, please click here. There is again a direct impact on every hosting provider in the industry, including MochaHost and it’s necessitated an update on our end as well. Bellow is a breakdown on how this price increase from cPanel reflects our hosting customers with cPanel accounts.

Web Hosting and Shared Reseller Hosting packages:

For all of our current Shared hosting plans (SoHo, Business, Mocha and WP/SiteBuilder packages), and our shared Reseller hosting plans (Mocha2, Espresso and Latte), changes will be published on the website live on the 4th of January.

Please note that the WP Professional and the Ultimate hosting plans price will remain the same

VPS based Hosting packages:

Overall, pricing for each license tier will be increased as shown in the table below. In an effort to also minimize costs for clients who only use/need 1 cPanel account, we will convert their current license to a “Solo” one. This means that there will be no price increase for them. If more accounts are needed down the road, Upgrading the license will always be an option.

LicensecPanel Account LimitOld PriceNew Price
cPanel/WHM Admin licenseup to 5 accounts$13.00$15.00
cPanel/WHM Pro licenseup to 30 accounts$18.00$20.00
cPanel/WHM Plus licenseup to 50 accounts$26.50$29.00
cPanel/WHM Premier licenseup to 100 accounts$32.50$37.00
cPanel/WHM Premier license50 accounts (over 100 accounts)$13.00$15.00

Dedicated Cloud Hosting packages:

Prices for cPanel licenses for our Dedicated Cloud Hosting servers will remain unchanged!

We’re always here for you!

As always, we’ve worked hard to minimize the cost impact of the new cPanel’s pricing on our customers. If you have any concerns or questions, would like to talk about control panel alternatives, or would like to upgrade/downgrade your current license – 24/7 support is here to help!

* Prices are indicative and subject to change based on specific package billing cycles, initial purchase or renewal

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