And who said the hosting support is not the most important?

Personally when I have to buy something that is important for me, I take a lot of time researching and comparing the various companies that can offer me the best option. And choosing a web hosting is something that is important because no matter whether you will host only your personal site or you will use it for business purposes, having a site of your own is a responsibility and going with the right company is essential. Now, as tempting as it is, it is best to decide without being blinded from the prices. Of course, if you can have all the features that you want at the cheapest price, that would be perfect. Luckily for you, here at MochaHost, the whole team shares the same idea, which has resulted in providing quality blended with really competitive prices.

But let’s leave the money out of the equation and try to check what else is needed to host your site with confidence and being sure that this is the plan and the hosting company for you. Definitely you need the basics such as certain disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, stable servers, etc. (yes, we have a check on each of them). What a lot of people do not access from the beginning is the support and this is a big mistake. Following below I will create a quick guideline on what to look when evaluating the support of a hosting company.

• The hosting support channels offered

I have not yet reached a hosting company which does not have any kind of support. The three mostly used channels are ticket system, Live chat and phone support. For our MochaHost support we have decided to go with the first two. You really should search for a company that will be online if you have an issue, so only ticket system is not very flexible, neither is it time effective. Our Live chat operators are available at all time and will be happy to help with any issue or question you might have.

• Working around the clock

Now this is essential, you need a company that will be available 24/7. This will ensure that no matter where you or your company is located, you can always reach them. At MochaHost, we have customers from all over the world, and since we want to provide efficient services, we are available 24/7 on both of our channels. And yes, before you ask, we work on holidays.

• Response time for the ticket system

It can go from one hour and reach up to 12, even 24 hours needed for a response. Needless to say that if you have an issue with your site, 24 hours response time is unacceptable. With us we try to be within one hour. After all pre-sales hosting support is nice, but the post sales is even more important one. And a big part of this post sale process is the response time when having issues.

• Positive attitude and a professional team

After all you pay the salaries of the people in this company. This does not mean to demand the impossible, but nice attitude and friendly environment is something that should definitely be available. Our MochaHost support nurtures this friendly attitude and we treat our customers not only with the respect they deserve, but with friendliness, professionalism and a sense of community.

• Blog and FAQ section

In most of the cases you will want to do the configuration by yourself and a complete and thorough, and very important frequently updated knowledge base will come in handy. As for the blog it could provide you some useful information which might not be directly connected to the plan you have. At MochaHost we have both, and they are actively updated and filled with valuable information. We believe that video tutorials are very easy to digest; this is why we have included many of them in our FAQ section. And we are working to make our blog as useful as possible and to help you managing your social media platforms, affiliate programs, get to know us, and many other topics which you can find on the pages of our blog.

The question is how you can be sure before you make the purchase that the company you have chosen actually has these hosting support features and is not only a fake bubble nurtured from advertisement. Well, following the points above and taking us as an example, I will guide you through the checklist process. The first thing you should do is check the Live Chat support. Note the response time needed to take your chat and the response time in between your questions. Ask as many questions as you can think of, and you will see how friendly and positive our team is. Then check us at different times of the day. But if you think that there will be a moment when we are not online, let me disappoint you that our MochaHost support will always be here to help. Then the next one is a little bit tricky since you might wonder what ticket system you will have access to if you do not have yet an account. Still you can contact us at
[email protected] and ask any question that interests you; you will be amazed from the quick response. I am sure that the attitude at this point of our relationship will be the easiest part. We are always ready to help and making our customers happy is what makes us smile, and this is something you will be able to feel immediately after you have started your conversation with us. The last check point can be found on our main site with both the blog and the FAQ section situated on the top. These knowledge bases are updated and enlarged on a regular basis. We, at MochaHost, are constantly trying to improve our services and MochaHost support is a huge part of this process. With all this being said remind me again who said that hosting support is not the most important?

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