January myMochaSite Winner

It’s time to announce our January #myMochaSite winner, аnd it is our pleasure to present to you http://www.fishdata.info/ by Borys. Considering that I am not really into fishes and still I was impressed from the dedication flowing from the site, this should tell you something.

The site is structured in an easy to navigate way, with a nice design. If you want to learn more about freshwater fishes, you are analyzing the possibilities of taking an aquarium yourself or you already have one, this is the place for you.

Have you ever faced a situation where you have seen this really perfect fish that you want to have…but you have no idea of its name. Fishdata has bcbhcgfamade finding it as easy as pie. You simply choose the length, the body shape, and yeah…you remember that it was transparent, no problem – under Distinctive features, you choose this option. And voilà, the fish is right in front of your eyes with the name and all other needed characteristics you will need! When I tested this search I ended up with a fish named Kryptopterus minor…I really wonder who is responsible for naming this fish like that.

The site has also included Aquarium converters, where you can convert concentration from ppm to g/L or to table spoons/L salt, volume from Litres to US Gallons, and many more. You can even receive help with building your own aquarium.

As an overall experience, in case you search for any information connected to freshwater fishes, you will find it here. Even if you don’t plan to have ahaffcbgfishes in your home any time soon, for the sake of curiosity you can check out our January Winner of #myMochaSite. It is an user-friendly site and without the need of extra clicks and and extra navigation, enhances the overall user experience.

Borys already has received the 6 months free hosting, and his customized SEO and design reports will be on their way in a few weeks. A lot of data, and statistics, you know…

I am sure that you want to win 6 months free hosting, all these customized professional reports and many more prizes, and finally to take youaiiifief place in our Winners fellowship, after all who doesn’t?! You can do so with a few clicks – follow us, tweet your site, @MochaHost and #myMochaSite and you are aiming for the stars! To make it even easier, we have added a Tweet button below, simply tweet your site and don’t forget to follow us!

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you,


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