MAA Lesson 4 – How to use blogs for affiliate sales?

Mocha Affiliate Academy Newletter - September

Lesson 4

How to use blogs to generate strong sales!

Hello everyone, Alek Chase is here with Lesson 4 of the Mocha Affiliate Academy series. This month we are going to pay attention to the use of blogs and how you can monetize your blog efforts in an effective way.

Blogs are a great way to promote your affiliate product and make decent money in return. They are relatively easy to setup and Google friendly ranking high in the organic results if managed the right way.

1. What Platform to Choose?

We at Mochahost are using WordPress and it is a fairly good choice, with a wide range of plugins you can download and customize your blog the way you please. Basically any of the larger ones are OK. You can install it in no time through the use of WebMatrix more info here for Windows plans and or through the Softaculous menu on your CPanel for the Linux fans out there. For information on optimizing your WordPress blog check this and this article. article.

2. Starting it up, look professional.

Setup your blog, do all the WordPress setting right and by all means, make it easy on the eye. Good design and structure is very important if you want to generate good affiliate sales. Make sure you have at least 10 posts ready and upload them in a longer time frame, not all at once.

You have to look credible above all. Making things half-way through aiming at fast money with no effort will not take you where you want to be. A well managed blog will bring traffic over a long period of time and make good affiliate money in the long run.

3. What content should I post

When promoting our hosting services, an effective method would be a host-ranking website. Most of the people are searching Google for host companies ranks before they make a purchase, this is what makes this approach a good choice. There are literally hundreds of sites and blogs dedicated on ranking webhosting companies, but most of them are far from doing well. We would recommend taking it further from the basic Top 10 Hosing list and making a blog that has detailed reviews of the hosting providers and be objective when ranking them. At Mochahost our prices are exceptionally low; this makes us a top scorer in many ranking websites in terms of price for example.

4. Build Trust in your blog

Again, first be trustworthy and reliable, then you can start making affiliate sales. Write useful, detailed reviews of the hosting plans. Make sure you have pros and cons about them, how they compare to the competition and why it is a good investment. If you make it too positive and colorful an alarm bells will ring in the reader’s head, inciting suspicion in your visitors and ruining your credibility. Make you add personality to your reviews. The more personal it is the better. People like to know about the person that provides advices. A cold anonymous blog does not provoke trust, neither does it look more professional than a personal one.

5. How do you test the merchants

You do not have to buy each plan in order to review it. For example, we at Mochahost are willing to do that for some of the ranking websites that we see potential in. This is a good way to get a firsthand experience and write a credible review.

6. Affiliate link and Banners

Include your affiliate link both on the ranking page and inside the hosting reviews. Make sure there is a button “Visit host” or just a “Click here” link. Banners in general perform way weaker, but can also help if you place them on the right hotspot – more information on banner placement here. Do not place too many of them or your visitor count will drop quickly.

7. Work on your SEO

Your number one aim should be scoring the first page on the Google organic results queries. Learn more about Search Engine Optimization, invest some time and effort in it and you will surely start climbing up the results ladder and generating affiliate sales from the traffic. Make sure you learn about Backlinking and start implementing the tactics on your blog. The structure of a blog, makes this easier to achieve than on a website – for more information on backlinking check this article.

Blogs are a long term investment in the affiliate marketing business. Once you score good in the Search Engine results you have yourself a cash cow that will attract visitors for a long time even if you stop updating and posting on a frequent basis.

You can register for the Mochahost affiliate program at We still offer a whopping 50% commission on all affiliate sales delivered.

Lastly… ask questions! I am always here to answer them at
[email protected]

Have a productive month,

Alek Chase

Affiliate Manager

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