The Good news for July! Linux VPS upgrades, mobile management and more…

San Jose, California, July 30, 2012

Web hosting provider MochaHost ( is pleased to announce an upgrade to all of its Linux based VPS hosting  plans. Known for affordable prices and broad range of services, MochaHost have further enhanced their VPS server line by introducing new features such as vSwap, new private JVM Tomcat and new mobile phone management services.

MochaHost clients now enjoy a major memory increase (up to 100%) on all Linux VPS plans provided with no extra charge for all current and new clients. In addition, the company now offers free mobile phone management tools for Android and iPhone which can be used for monitoring and basic administration of their VPS servers. Some of the features include – current status of the VPS, memory, storage and bandwidth usage; boot, shutdown/reboot of the client’s VPS. These new features enable all VPS customers to control their server remotely from their phone.

The company now offers full support for Apache Tomcat 7, as well as older versions (5.5.x, 6.0.x) for their higher end Linux VPS packages. All new and current clients will be able to benefit from the use of a shared Tomcat and Private Tomcat implementation depending on their needs.

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