The Mochahost guide to Coffee

As you are probably aware, we at Mochahost have a particular affinity for coffee in all of its variations. As a matter of fact, we enjoy coffee so much; all our hosting plans are named in relation to the energizing drink. Since we launched our new blog, thought you guys might find it interesting to know what does your hosting plan actually mean.

A bit of coffee history before we start:

Coffee originated from Ethiopia in the middle of 15th century. The legend tells us of Kaldi an Ethiopian goat herder that noticed the goats get overly energetic and do not want to sleep after eating red berries from a tree. He tried chewing on the berries himself and found the same exhilarating effect.

Later he brought coffee berries to a local holy man who disapproved the use and threw them into a fire, from which a strange entrancing aroma came out. The abbot loved the smell and shared the discovery with other monks who quickly came out with ways to boil and prepare a black drink that kept them alert for hours of prayer. Word moved east to the Arabian Peninsula, where its journey began to spread all over the world in less than two centuries.

Mocha – Named after a port city, part of the Arab country of Yemen.  The Mocha Coffee beans are one of the oldest coffee varieties. In fact all coffee was referred originally as Mocha upon arriving in the Western world. Characterized with deep flavor, the Mocha coffee beans feature mild sweetness and balanced acidity. If you order Mocha in a coffeehouse nowadays, you will get a combination of espresso, chocolate syrup and steamed milk, topped with whipped cream… it is pretty much awesome if done well.

We, however, will setup a Mochahost “Mocha” shared hosting plan for you for just $1.95/mo. Cheaper than the drink itself, actually.

Soho – Soho is an entertainment district part of the West End of London. The place is famous for its late-night coffee shops gathering people since the beginning of the 20th century.  Soho is innovative to say the very least. It is the home of the first rock club in Europe – The 2i’s Coffee Bar opened doors in 1952. To sum it up, Soho is a place for artists, poets and coffee appreciators.



Espresso – We have all tried one. It is actually the preferred option by most of Mochahost’s staff. Originated in Italy, espresso serves as a base for many other coffee drinks. It is made by forcing hot water at high pressure through finely ground coffee beans. An espresso is usually about an ounce of intense pure flavor. It is served as a part of our reseller plans for just $9.98 for the first month.



Latte –The word comes from the Italian “cafellatte”, which is simply coffee poured over steamed milk. Latte art is the art of making drawings on the top layer by pouring carefully milk or using a tool such as a straw to draw one. Too bad the picture only lasts couple of minutes.

Our reseller Latte plans, however last for just $21.20 a month.



Americano – The Americano is simply adding hot water to an espresso shot – resulting in something similar to the regular filtered coffee, but with different flavor. You will probably get one if you order a conventional brew-coffee sized drink in an espresso bar. A shot is usually mixed with 1 -8 ounces of hot water.




Cappuccino – One of the most famous coffee drinks in the world, the Cappuccino is espresso, steamed milk and foam. If done right, the drink should have a silky appearance and no large bubbles. Cappuccino can also be used for Latte art.




Macchiato – Macchiato in Italian means “stained” or “marked”. The drink is a shot of espresso “stained” with just a little bit of milk on top. Baristas needed to show waiters the difference between espresso and espresso with just a bit of milk in it. Later they named it Macchiato.




Altura–  The Altura coffee beans are one of the finest quality you can find on the market. Fragrant aroma and smooth flavor describe the high-mountain-grown coffee. In fact – “Altura” in Spanish means “high grown”. At Mochahost we put a cheap price tag on the top quality, with our Cloud Dedicated “Altura” plans for $48 a month.



Ankola–  This is another example of a premium gourmet coffee, grown in Sumatra – western Indonesia at 2,500 to 5,000 feet above sea level. This fine-flavor coffee is a perfect part as a main ingredient in any coffee drink.




Moshi– Comes from the East African country of Tanzania. The region of Moshi is famous for its coffee production, offering one of the finest and most expensive brands. Our Moshi dedicated server plans offer up to 16GB of memory, a generous 500 GB hard drive and quad core Xeon processor just $195/mo.




Barista– The barista makes all of the above possible. He is the trained mixologist that knows how to make a good Macchiato, Latte or any other coffee related drink. He is usually treated as respected specialist in his field and often wears a signature barista uniform.




Barahona– Is considered the finest of all Dominican Republic premium gourmet coffees. It is known for its high-acidity, rich flavor and is also high-grown.





Ristretto– Is a very, very short shot of espresso. The coffee flows very slowly through ground coffee, taking just the essence, making a small, incredibly tasty, aromatic espresso shot, lacking any type of bitterness. Our Ristretto VPS plans are also lacking any sort of bitterness with unlimited traffic for just $11.17/mo.




Perfetto– Perfetto is “perfect” in Italian. It is the perfect espresso every barista should aim at.






Hope you found it interesting. Feel free to comment.

The Mochahost Team

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