Mochahost’s September Newsletter

Mochahost Newsletter September 2012

In this issue:

Social media news

Why use Google+ social media for your business

In the past weeks, we have been preparing for the launch of our own Google Plus page. We would like to share the research we performed with you.

Many people would ignore G+ as a platform to interact with current and prospective customers, clearly not appreciating its full potential. Google Plus media offers useful ways of engaging with your audience that is different than Facebook and Twitter.

The G+ are mostly professionals and people with private businesses which could fit well in your target audience. The platform is constantly growing and currently ranks 4th in the social media list by user count.

Question of the Month

Hello everyone,

First of all, thank you for sending questions, keep them coming,

1. First question comes from our client Mr. John Pastor and he is asking if we have instruction on how to upload Dreamweaver created html to his website.

Mr.Pastor, we have thought about this and made some very useful video tutorials you can find here “”

You should have your questions explained after watching it. Let me just point that if you are having a Windows plan, the only difference is that you use wwwroot directory instead public_html.

2. We also have a question from Sunita asking us:

“Hi, I am contemplating my teachers training course site and thinking that Moodle could be a good choice. I would like to know your comments on Moodle.”

Well Sunita, Moodle is an excellent choice for a learning management system. It is a very flexible platform with a great variety of modules available for installation. It has been on the market longer than anything else and It offers a whole lot of features at no cost. Some of our colleagues had experience with Moodle during college and they recommend the platform. My advice is – go for it.

That is it for this month. Let us know if anything technical bothers you and we will try to provide you with an answer ASAP.

Have a day/night!
Sylvester Grey – Senior System Administrator



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