“Question of the month” section!

Hello everyone,

this is the ¨Question of the month¨ section of the Mochahost newsletter.

Once a month our technical experts will pick a question and answer it thoroughly. Whatever technical difficulty bothers you or you just cant seem to find a right easily-understandable answer to – our tech staff is here to help. Just post it in the comment section below.

4 Responses to ““Question of the month” section!”

  1. Mr John Pastor Says:

    Do you have instruction on how to upload Dreamweaver created html up to my website?

    For your site webdesign, can I modified the design of the template?

  2. Sunita Says:

    Hi, I am contemplating my teachers training course site and thinking that Moodle could be a good choice. I would like to know your comments on Moodle.

  3. Dave Hays Says:

    I’m looking for a technique that will allow me to generate email that contains a simple logo/graphic from a Perl program.

    My website generates email responses to messages from visitors to my site. I would like to include a simple logo/graphic in my email, but I don’t want to have to use Windows Mail to generate each email manually. Instead, I want my Perl program to do it.

  4. Ricky Says:

    Can i open a UDP port if i get a VPS plan ? My requirement is to open a UDP port on a server and host some service dependent on UDP. If it is possible i would definitely get the VPS service if its possible in mochahost VPS plans. I am sure it should be possible as its a Virtual server but need a confirmation.

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