What are the good news from February? Plesk 11 hosting, Visual Studio 2012 and more…

Last month was very productive for the Mochahost admins, carrying out important updates and providing support for various platforms.

The good news for the Windows clients is that Mochahost now offers a support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 and .NET framework 4.5 for all Plesk 11 hostingplans. The new .NET platform offers core improvements such as portable class libraries and “Garbage Collection”, which will enable all Microsoft users to develop an application without having to free up memory

Meanwhile, the MVC4 (Model-View-Controller 4) has been also installed on the Mochahost Windows servers, the primary function of which is to separate the components of the web application, resulting in more control over each individual part. For the developers, this translates to – overall easier development process in terms of modifications and tests.

For the VPS and Dedicated Cloud plans, full Parallels Plesk 11 hosting support is now available, which is a great alternative to the widely spread cPanel.php7a0lfyAMThe 11th version of the control panel turns out to be surprisingly good in comparison to the cPanel dominance the last few years, being an indisputable leap back in the business. Full IPv6 support, multiple SSL certificates on a single IP address, support for Debian, Ubuntu, openSuse Linux distributions and simplified user interface are just some of the benefits of Plesk 11 hosting . The control panel runs smoothly on Windows Servers 2008 and 2012 and comes with an integrated support for WebMatrix, ASP.NET 4.5 and the latest IIS server.

Another great news for new and current clients* is that they can now also enjoy an easy to use, drag-and-drop email marketing platform. This phpRmxRSLAMcomes as a result of Mochahost’s partnership with one of the worldwide leaders in the field. The platform offers a variety of features including customizable templates, subscription form builders, campaign analytics and many more. The service is absolutely free for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.

* The offer is valid for all plans except “Soho”.


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