What is the benefit of SSL ?

What are the SSL certificates?

SSL is an abbreviation for Secure Socket Layers and its primary function is to protect sensitive information sent over the Internet. This is a protocolBenefit of SSL that encrypts usernames, passwords and other personal data in a way that only the receiving server can read it. This is the alpha and omega of the secure part of the global network preventing any computers between you and the one you send the information to from reading the data.

Who needs a SSL?

SSL is a must-have for online commerce websites in order to secure the transactions and prevent login details theft. SSL can be used in any website requiring registration and later stores personal information such as email addresses for example. Even email addresses are considered a valuable enough to be stolen by hackers.

Why using SSL?

Away from the technical part there is also the customer’s trust that you should consider. Visitor web browsers give a visual indication that a website is SSL secured. The lock symbol on the address bar is a sign for a trusted Secure Shell Layers connection. More than two thirds of the online shoppers have canceled a transaction because they did not consider the website trustworthy. More than half of the Internet users recognize the trust marks in a web page, such as the above-mentioned lock, or the trust seal that SSL providers offer. Having a secured website will prevent a significant part of your visitors from leaving your web business.

What is the difference between Private and Shared SSL certificate?

All Mochahost shared plans are Shared SSL equipped free of charge. However this is a server installed certificate and will always display Mochahost’s url. This is commonly used when you want a secure connection that is not seen by your visitors.

The url of a shared SSL certificate comes in such format https://server.mochahost.tld/~username, notice that the domain is Mochahost’s domain iuntrusted_ca_warningnstead of your own. This will drive many visitors suspicious and will cause SSL warnings to pop up when they try to open the page, something that you should avoid especially when sensitive information like credit card numbers is required.

Private SSL however shows only your domain name and does not trigger any warnings. Visitors will feel much more comfortable and are much more likely to share personal information.

What do I have to do to purchase?

Have in mind that in order to have an SSL you should first own a Dedicated IP address.You can get both from our add-on page http://mochahost.com/shared_addons.php.

We certainly hope you found this article useful. If you have any questions please contact our Livechat support team or write us an email at [email protected]. As always, we are here to help.

The Mochahost Team

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