You have a great site? Let’s show it to the World!

People say that miracles happen on Christmas. Well, we made our wish and it seems that Santa hasn’t forgotten us. By now you wonder what’s our wish all about? Plain, and simple – we wished that everyone knows we have the best customers in the World, and that their websites are truly extraordinary and deserve to be exposed to as many viewers as possible!

Our wish has now turned into a reality with the launch of our new contest – myMochaSite. Plenty of presents will be given away, not just around the holidays, but every month from now on. Our bag is full of gifts for the monthly winner and we can’t wait to give them away. Every month, the myMochaSite contest winner will receive:

–      Free Detailed SEO report – prepared by one of our guru SEO experts.

–      Free site design report, with improvements suggestions – prepared by our professional design team.

–      The winner’s site will be featured in our monthly newsletter (sent to ALL of our customers), as well as in Pinterest board.

–      6 month free hosting (added directly to winner’s hosting for the site hosted with us)

–      Chance to compete for the myMochaSite Yearly Grand Prize

To summarize it – we will make sure that Your website becomes a CELEBRITY!

So the big question is – what do you have to do in order to participate? All you need to do is follow us on Twitter, and tweet your site named and ‘what’s your site about’ directly using the hash tag #myMochaSite and @Mochahost.

We want to make this contest really amazing, and offer free publicity for your website in its best light. As the old saying goes “an image is worth a thousand words”, so we have added the option for you to upload an image snapshot (in your tweet) of your site. Show us what your site is all about, and we will make sure that we spread out the message to of our clients and social media followers!!


What are you waiting for?! GO FOR IT!

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