Plesk Pricing Update – May 2022

Plesk Price Updates

As you may have already heard, several major Control panel vendors have been steadily increasing their pricing on an yearly basis.

Additional required security licenses and other software needed to safely and securely run our platforms have also seen a significant price increase over the past couple of years.

Plesk International GmbH is among these vendors, they have just recently pushed for a further cost increases.

What does all this mean for you, our client?

So far we have been absorbing these additional cost and subsidized fully the control panel and other licenses. In order for us to be able to provide the same quality of service that we always strive to deliver for our clients, we are forced to make a minimal price adjustment of 1$ / month to the overall package price of Plesk accounts.

Once again, this change is initiated solely by the control panel vendor. Our teams have worked hard to get the best possible pricing, those savings have been passed down directly to you.

We’re always here for you!
As always, our 24/7 support is here to help!

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