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How to organize Facebook contests, games and sweepstakes?

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Most of us have, at some point, been a part of a contest, game or sweepstake on Facebook. Properly organizing games can bring a whole lot of fans to your page, without having to give a single dollar for advertising. However, there are some things you should know before attempting to popularize your Facebook page [  Read More… ] 

Social Media summary 2012-Lets sum it up!

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The year is almost over and we decided a Social Media summary of 2012 and all the changes we had to get used to while managing our business pages. No doubt, the growth continues, and more companies realize the platforms’ undisputed impact on marketing as a whole. Most of the players have become bigger, and people are [  Read More… ] 

How to choose social media?

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There are so many social media channels outside that it is extremely difficult to choose on which ones you should concentrate. I guess everyone is tempted to choose all of them, but this could be pretty time consuming and if not treated with caution the result will not be as successful as expected. For those [  Read More… ] 

Why use Google+ for your business?

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Last couple of weeks, we have been preparing for the launch of our own Google Plus Mochahost page, so some research has been done and we would like to share it with you. Many people would ignore Google+ as a platform to interact with current and prospective customers, clearly not appreciating its full potential. Though [  Read More… ] 

Tips on social media strategy

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Managing Social Media is a complicated process that often requires a serious investment of time and creativity, but if done right, it can reward you with cheap effective publicity as no other media can. Next few tips are “basics” on how to manage your business profile formulated by acclaimed experts in the field and confirmed [  Read More… ]