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MAA Lesson 4 – How to use blogs for affiliate sales?

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Lesson 4 How to use blogs to generate strong sales! Hello everyone, Alek Chase is here with Lesson 4 of the Mocha Affiliate Academy series. This month we are going to pay attention to the use of blogs and how you can monetize your blog efforts in an effective way. Blogs are a great way [  Read More… ] 

Lesson 3-Affiliate banners Placement

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Lesson 3 Banner ad placement tips – position makes all the difference Hello friends, This is the 3rd Lesson of the Mocha Affiliate Academy, helping you better promote and profit as an affiliate. This time we focus on the importance of affiliate banner positioning and how this helps you get the maximum out of your [  Read More… ] 

Lesson 2 – Marketing through affiliate articles

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          Lesson 2 Using free article directories for affiliate marketing Hello everyone, Alek Chase from Mochahost here and this is Lesson 2 of the Mocha Affiliate Academy series – teaching you how better promote and better profit as an affiliate. First, we would like to thank everyone for the Lesson 1 [  Read More… ] 

5 tips for hosting affiliate success

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Lesson 1 Hi everyone, My name is Alek and I’ll be taking the place of the affiliate manager at from now on. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions, recommendations and (hope not) complaints about our hosting affiliate program. This is the first lesson of a series to come called [  Read More… ]