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And who said the hosting support is not the most important?

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Personally when I have to buy something that is important for me, I take a lot of time researching and comparing the various companies that can offer me the best option. And choosing a web hosting is something that is important because no matter whether you will host only your personal site or you will [  Read More… ] 

Linux vs Windows Hosting

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One would assume that searching of a hosting should be easy, but unfortunately it is not so much. You should find the right hosting company, and then you should decide whether you need a shared plan, or a VPS, or a reseller…, and then to confuse you even more there are Linux and Windows plans [  Read More… ] 

New TLDs – is this the end of the .com legend?

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What are TLDs? I am sure that almost everybody knows them but not everybody is aware of it. Each domain is made up of labels separated by dots. The right-most label in a domain is what we are looking for, such as .com, .edu. The first seven were created back in 1980s – .com, .edu, [  Read More… ]