Tips on social media strategy

Managing Social Media is a complicated process that often requires a serious investment of time and creativity, but if done right, it can reward you with cheap effective publicity as no other media can. Next few tips are “basics” on how to manage your business profile formulated by acclaimed experts in the field and confirmed by our social media team.

1. Do not emphasize too much on the marketing part

People use social media for fun and information; most of them are fed up with advertisements and will not really appreciate your “Buy now” message. People have trusted you with their “Like”, make sure you do not abuse it. Follow the 80/20 rule. Talk 20% of the time, let your fans talk 80%. It’s all about provoking discussions, the “Social” part of Social Media is extremely important.

2. Pick interesting content

Links to articles and sites are good every now and then, but they cannot make a well structured, functioning page all by themselves. Post fun topics that have nothing to do with your business “What is your favorite superhero?”, this will easily incite comments and likes. The more comments and likes, the wider your reach, which means more people will notice your Facebook or G+ page. Make it controversial! Choose a large sporting event and post a picture with a comment. Controversial results in more comments and large exposure for you. It is all about content.

3. Speak to the people as a person, not a company

People appreciate if you talk with them as a person-person, not as company-person. You can sign your name if you are asking a question, or add a picture of your staff or a picture of you. It takes a bit of time to find the right tone and feel comfortably speaking, but it is all worth doing.

4. Promote your social media page

Organizing contests and having exclusive promotions that are announced only on your Facebook or Google + page is an important part of a good Social Media Strategy. Link your business webpage with your social media page. Find partner pages you can be of mutual benefit with and promote each other. Consider paid advertising if you have budget available.

5. Take advantage of many platforms

Don’t limit yourself to one Social Media. Surely, it is much easier to manage just one, but you limit yourself only to this site’s audience only and that is not desirable. Google + offers advantages over Facebook and vice versa, use LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest or anything else you consider useful. The more the better.

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