Email Marketing Has Never Been Easier!

There are many ways to communicate with your followers or customers, but the email marketing is and will be one of the most effective ones. Creating an email campaign could be an exhausting task, but not anymore with our new email marketing and newsletter platform. It will empower your email marketing campaigns with customized sign up forms, easy to use templates, options to analyze the campaign at every step and many more. Having all these tools at your disposal will not only allow you to create and send the perfect email marketing campaign, but also to analyze the effect it had on its recipients.

send_1The platform is available for all of MochaHost web hosting plans*. The email service remains completely free for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. Bigger plans are offered separately.

The beauty of this platform is not the fact that it will be an invaluable friend when creating your email marketing campaigns, but it lays in its simplicity and interactivity. With just a few clicks, you will have a professionally looking campaign, resulting in better user experience, and all this while saving your precious time!

Email Campaign just in three steps!

1. Build a list

You will receive all the help needed to build your email list. This includes customized sign up form that will match your brand and newsletter. You will be able to create your unique sign up form by adding images, radio buttons and any other thing you would like to be presented. For those of you with Facebook pages, full integration is available. Your customers will have the options to like your campaigns which will be announced on their walls. You will also be able to add a sign up form to your Facebook page.

2. Create a template

You can choose between the vast pool of pre-designed templates or if you would prefer to fully customize your template you can create a template from scratch. You can use the Custom Template Builder to build your own campaign. If you are not sure of the exact design, you can pick up a predefined template, add some details and turn it into your unique one.

track3. Send the campaign and analyze its effect

Track your progress in detail. For every campaign that you send, you will be provided with thorough reports on:

  • Number of successful deliveries

  • Actual number of opened emails

  • Clicked links

  • How many bounces there were and why

    …and many others.

Following these three simple steps you will have the perfect email campaign and newsletter in no time. Having all these detailed reports will allow you to optimize your strategy and to achieve the envisioned goals. And all this is FREE for all of our MochaHost customers*! Take advantage of this amazing offer Today!

* Above offers are not available for our SoHo – shared hosting plan. Additional vendor terms & restrictions may apply.

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