Why is LifeTime Discount important?

What is important when choosing a hosting company? Uptime, functionality, professional support and by all means Money! We live in a time when we are targeted dozens of times on a daily basis with tempting promotions we don’t fully understand. Most of us have been tricked at least once by the small letters under the offer or the hidden catch in the Terms and Conditions section of the website. We at Mochahost have taken a much different approach.

A permanent, unchangeable, massive discount you will always be eligible of – we call it a Lifetime Discount. Though, we do not deny keeping initial discounts on some of our plans we are introducing something by all means unique for the hosting industry. Available for our Shared, VPS, Cloud and Java plans, it is a form of compliment for our customers and their loyalty. Your commitment may vary between 2 or 3 years, depending on the plan, but you are also eligible to upgrade at any given time during this period, keeping your discount active. As long as you stay on the same plan and billing cycle, you will always have the same price and discount you had when you initially purchased the it. No worries when renewal time comes, it will always stay the same as last time.

Why we do this? Well, we have one reason, the same we created the company for – best services at affordable prices. And what could be more affordable than a Lifetime Discount which for some plans reaches 50%. We made it for you, now it’s yours to use it!

2 Responses to “Why is LifeTime Discount important?”

  1. Manuel Benavides Says:


    I want the lifetime discount offer!

    I have a hosting plan with you. (Mocha Plan – 2 yr Linux)

    What should I do to get it?


  2. Mochahost Says:

    Hi Manuel,

    You need to upgrade your plan in order to take advantage of the Lifetime Discount.

    In your case, changing your billing cycle to 3 years instead of 2 will make you eligible for it.

    http://mochahost.com/upgrade_form.php – you can do it from here.


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