Meet the Mochas!


We’ve been waiting for this for over 2 months and we can proudly say – The Mochahost summer Team Building did not disappoint in any way. It has been a wonderful Sunday out of town, clear sunny skies, sports, fun activities and laughs.












Played soccer for a while, actually what we were doing had very little to do with the sport itself. Players had their right legs and arms tied up with another teammate and clumsily moved around the field, tripping and even crawling sometimes, but nevertheless it was a lot of fun.


What followed was a “Zorbing” adrenaline rush, for those of you that are not aware what this is –  a person gets inside of a huge inflatable ball and they roll you down a hill, it is over real quick, but still very much worth it.


There was a treat at the end of the day, some freshly baked Mocha-muffins…Mmmm!


Hope you guys like the pictures.

Enjoy the summer!

The Mochahost Team

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  1. Ricky Says:

    Nice to see the real people behind Mochahost!

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