Why use Google+ for your business?

Last couple of weeks, we have been preparing for the launch of our own Google Plus Mochahost page, so some research has been done and we would like to share it with you.

Many people would ignore Google+ as a platform to interact with current and prospective customers, clearly not appreciating its full potential. Though far behind as far as number of users is concerned, the Google+ media offers useful ways of engaging with your audience without an equivalent on Facebook or Twitter. The G+ are mostly professionals and people with private business which could fit well in your target audience profile. The platform is constantly growing and it currently ranks 4TH in the social media list by user count.


You can organize your followers in what Google calls “Circles”. The circles have proven to be a very effective tool when it comes to grouping people. They allow sending messages to people in a particular list, which helps segment the followers in a way that would focus more on your goals. For example, you can organize your potential and current clients in different circles, people that actively share your posts from people that are more passive. This will seriously help targeting and improve the quality of your communication.

Google Hangouts

The Google+ Hangouts allow you to organize video conversations with coworkers or customers. The live video chat feature can be used in ways very beneficial to your social marketing strategy.

Feedback – Learn what your customer’s opinion is directly from the source. You can organize a session regarding a recently released product, service or an upcoming event for example. You might find ways to improve your product or even get ideas for a new ones.

Market research – Ask your clients how they learned about your company, what services they like the most and which ones they are not so satisfied with. This is a great way to learn more about how people see your business.

Customer service – Customers love seeing a real person on the other end. Make sessions to handle issues with your product or service.

Search Engine Optimization

Google’s “+1” button indirectly affects the page SEO. The button can be placed on pages, Google search results, adwords advertising and others. By clicking it, the user shows content approval and if one of his Google+ connections searches the same topic, he will Why use Google+notice his friends already approved the result. People tend to trust what others like which will help increase the probability of getting a click onyour link again.

A company’s web presence is never enough. Undoubtedly Google’s social network has great potential and if not first on the social networks list it will surely stay in the top 5. We couldn’t possibly predict its development and future integration with other Google services, so I would say that it is definitely a Must-have communications channel.

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