Important Tips on WP Security

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Although generally considered as a CMS only for managing blogs, WordPress, in fact is a very powerful platform that can be used to create your entire site without the need of any additional applications. Its ease of use, large community always ready to help, and an impressing variety of plugins has made WP a preferable [  Read More… ] 

Social Media summary 2012-Lets sum it up!

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The year is almost over and we decided a Social Media summary of 2012 and all the changes we had to get used to while managing our business pages. No doubt, the growth continues, and more companies realize the platforms’ undisputed impact on marketing as a whole. Most of the players have become bigger, and people are [  Read More… ] 

Most Common Web Design mistakes

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A website can be created in thousand different ways. While there is no ultimate formula for making a web site successful, or pleasant for the viewers, there are some definite “no-no’s” a web designer should keep in mind. We decided to sum up some the most common design mistakes you should avoid when creating your [  Read More… ] 

Instagram, Foursquare, and Pinterest – what is in for your business?

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Instagram, Foursquare, and Pinterest –  what is in for your business?   Nowadays with so many social media options available it can be  very confusing to pick the right platform to market your business on.  The truth is that ”The more – the better” approach applies for the social media World. However we have to [  Read More… ] 

How to select a good password

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A few days ago Splash Data published a list with the worst passwords where as expected you can find words such as ‘password’ , ‘123456’, ‘dragon’, ‘sunshine’, etc. As obvious as it might be not to set your password to  ‘password’, many people still do  – taking the chance of anyone guessing their passwords and [  Read More… ] 

Boo-tiful surprises for Halloween

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This year we decided to add a little atmosphere to the scariest of all days of the year.  The Mochahost site and blog got a totally fresh new Halloween look, which we certainly hope you will enjoy. Bats, cats, tombstones and of course pumpkins are just a part of this year’s spooky decoration. The discount spirits have [  Read More… ] 

Mochahost Sweepstakes – WINNERS

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The time has come to announce the lucky winners of the Mochahost’s summer sweepstakes!. The iPod Touch goes all the way to Mexico – Rodrigo Del Angel Hurtago ( The winners of the one year Business web hosting packages are: Staci Roehm from the United States Vijai Kumar Bansal from India Fawad Hassan from Pakistan   [  Read More… ] 

How to choose social media?

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There are so many social media channels outside that it is extremely difficult to choose on which ones you should concentrate. I guess everyone is tempted to choose all of them, but this could be pretty time consuming and if not treated with caution the result will not be as successful as expected. For those [  Read More… ] 

MAA Lesson 4 – How to use blogs for affiliate sales?

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Lesson 4 How to use blogs to generate strong sales! Hello everyone, Alek Chase is here with Lesson 4 of the Mocha Affiliate Academy series. This month we are going to pay attention to the use of blogs and how you can monetize your blog efforts in an effective way. Blogs are a great way [  Read More… ] 

And who said the hosting support is not the most important?

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Personally when I have to buy something that is important for me, I take a lot of time researching and comparing the various companies that can offer me the best option. And choosing a web hosting is something that is important because no matter whether you will host only your personal site or you will [  Read More… ]